New Nation For New World

Benjamin West’s painting of the delegations at the Treaty of Paris: John Jay, John Adams,

Benjamin Franklin, Henry Laurens, and William Temple Franklin. The British delegation

refused to pose, and the painting was never completed.

May 12, 1784

The Treaty of Paris came into force today on the exchange of ratified versions between the signatory nations. This marks the recognition by Great Britain of the independence of the United States of America.

The American Central East Coast British colonies had been engaged in a bitter revolt. The Northern colonies, the Caribbean and the Southern colonies remained loyal to Britain and contributed troops to fight the rebels.

The consequence of the Treaty of Paris is that the New World now has a new nation, formed from the revolting colonies. This will bring many changes for all concerned.

In the conflict now building within the European nations, the newly independent United States will be courted by France to fight again against Britain.

Within the new nation it will be necessary to develop industry to replace the dependence on Britain for manufactured goods. One new industry set to expand is the shipbuilding industry which will have to construct warships and commercial vessels to establish the independent economy of the new nation.

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