Deep Sea Whaling Begins

Spitsbergen Factories Still Busy


It has been reported that deep sea whaling is becoming popular. This may end the conflict between whalers. Since whaling began in the bays of the Spitsbergen Islands, there has been conflict between nations and between whaleships from different ports with the Royal Navy sending warships to maintain the peace in these islands which are English sovereignty. The Muscovy company has established factories to process whale product at the main ports of the islands and His Majesty King James has endorsed the agreement between the Muscovy Company and Dutch whalers to permit the establishment of factories to the North and South of the main ports subject to English sovereignty. This has not stopped the conflict between whalers.

The new practice of deep sea whaling is opening new whaling grounds in the Northern seas and dispersing the fleets. The main occupation now is in hunting whales and not in fighting other whalers for control of the Spitsbergen Bays.

The Muscovy Company reports that their factories are still in great demand although it is noted that whaleships are now bringing their rough cargoes back to their home ports for final processing.

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